does size matter?

We think it does!
We see all shapes and sizes when it comes to printed matter and all have one thing in common – Price!

But the difference is either expensive to produce or economical, the governing factor is whether or not your document is a standard size or not. All paper and board stock is supplied in standard sizes, to allow your document to be printed with minimal waste and as economically as possible, they are widely available in different colours too and can be finished to a standard size, such as A3, A4,A5 A6, and “you guessed it” standard envelopes are also widely available to fit these sizes. Its worth remembering all this before the design is done so you don’t decide to alter the finished design after you get your shocking printing quote for a non standard size, as your re-design artwork bill may double, eating up any savings you my have made changing the specification to a standard finished size.

So remember to always discuss the size and what you need the document for with your designer and preferably get a quote before you press the button to create your masterpiece! – Simple economic sense, forewarned is forearmed!